Doughnut Dash

"MindCandy commissioned us to make an online Flash game for their popular online games portal, Moshi Games."

The game focuses on "Oddie the Sweet Ringy Thingy", a living, breathing doughnut who gets from A to B by rolling around.

The aim of the game is to avoid being gobbled up by the giant chomping jaws, avoiding obstacles and collecting powerups as you career along dynamically generated levels, each getting steadily trickier as Oddie's speed increases and the margin for error becomes thinner.


Donut Dash is a Flash game, developed in Actionscript 3 that adheres to strict OOP principles and integrates with the Moshi Games API. Most of the graphics and animations were designed in-house and compliment the Moshi Monsters world.

"Mutant Labs were great to work with. The guys were always dedicated to deadlines but at the same time passionate, creative and very very fun."

Kate Bryant - Minigames Product Manager at Mind Candy