Mosh Fling is our latest collaboration with Mind Candy, one of the fastest growing social online gaming companies in the world. Following on the success of Oddie’s Donut Dash, we were commissioned to deliver Mosh Fling, a fun browser game which fits snugly into the Moshi universe.

The game challenges players to fling the popular character 'Flumpy the Pluff' as far as possible avoiding obstacles and collecting Gemz, an in-game currency that can be spent in the shop to purchase a range of power-ups and upgrades.


Mosh Fling has proven to be popular with more than 780,000 unique views, and over 6 million rounds played to date.

"Mutant Labs were great to work with. The guys were always dedicated to deadlines but at the same time passionate, creative and very very fun."

Kate Bryant - Minigames Product Manager at Mind Candy