Resurgam is an alternate reality game that took place in Plymouth in Autumn 2013. Combining mobile technology, live performance theatre and physical gaming, over 400 players embarked on a thrilling adventure, attempting to uncover the location of the mysterious Pearl Of Plymouth in a race against time across the city.

A rip-roaring tale

Legend has it that a long lost Atlantean Pearl, found by Sir Francis Drake on his travels and entrusted to the city of Plymouth for safekeeping, holds the balance between land and sea.

Protected through the generations by the Order Of the Pearl, whose members included Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh and Charles Darwin, the Pearl was lost in the turmoil of World War II. With the Pearl lost, the balance between land and sea has been disrupted and sea monster are roaming the city as the oceans start to re-take the land. Players must use their smartphone to navigate the city, enlisting the help of these long-lost heroes, solving riddles to uncover the final resting place of the Pearl.

The app

The app, for Android and iPhone, featured a unique decoder for translating strange Atlantean symbols into English. At key sites across the city, members of the Order Of The Pearl would enlist players help to complete challenges, in turn revealing a series of these symbols. Decoding the symbols correctly would unlock the next objective on a map, and reveal some of the history around the character that had helped them.

The event took place over 3 hours, and culminated with all players arriving at an epic final performance set aboard a Ghost Ship in the heart of Royal William Yard. Resurgam was a collaboration between Mutant Labs, Story Juice and i-DAT funded by the University of Plymouth and Arts Council.

"The whole experience was very well put together by the organisers. The theatrical heritage of Plymouth really shone through and the historical buildings were perfect backdrops for the game."