Mutant R&D

A large part of our company ethos at Mutant Labs is having the space to explore new ideas. Each month, we dedicate company time to special 'Free Range' days, where the team gets to work on self-initiated research projects.

These can range from experimenting with hardware, like the time we hooked up an Arduino board to our coffee machine to make it self-pour a cup from a web interface, to new game concepts such as the prototype that went on to become Half-Inch Heist.

Jamming away!

We also take part in gamejam events, like Gamehack, and Global Game Jam. These often involve building a game in a 24 or 48 hour period, on a theme that is released once the event begins. It is a great exercise in rapid prototyping, working to strict time constraints and creatively answering a brief.

Our R&D program ensures we continue to hone our creative and technical skills, which feeds in to our client and self-led game projects.