Sneakin' Santa

We worked with Cartoon Network to design and build “Sneakin’ Santa”, a music-based reaction game to tie in with the Uncle Grandpa show. Father Christmas has broken his leg, and Uncle Grandpa has to step in to help deliver presents.

Keep the noise down!

Uncle Grandpa has to use his sneaking skills to move through the houses undetected. Players use the arrow keys to match the instructions for the upcoming obstacles, clambering over sofas and cabinets and sliding under tables as he tries to reach the Christmas tree at the end of the level. Making a wrong move raises the level of the ‘ruckusometer’ - if this goes too high then the game is up! Players get rewarded with a special bonus breakdancing mode if they make no mistakes.

Positive Reception

Set to a custom Hip Hop inspired soundtrack created by Baconhead, Sneakin' Santa has had over 2 million plays and 40,000 likes.